The Neston Music Festival aims to bring a 4 week celebration of all forms of music to our wonderful town.

Established in 2017 by local music enthusiasts it has been held every year only interrupted for two years by the dreaded Corona Virus.

In 2024 the Festival will run from 12th April to 12th May and offer a wide variety of musical experiences for the locals to support and enjoy.

A Festival programme will be produced in the New Year mapping out the various concerts and venues involved in the Festival. This website will be updated on an ongoing basis to keep everyone informed.

Details of how and where to buy tickets will be published here and in the Festival programme.

Although a “Neston” Festival, all are welcome to attend and support the events so please tell your friends and help make this local initiative successful.

Events will be held at numerous venues in the borough and we hope there is something for everyone in the programme we present.

If anyone has any ideas regarding the festival you are welcome to contact the current organiser Patrick Hughes on 0151 336 4749 or 0795 635 5197.